Lip Enhancement Tattoo

Permanent lipstick tattooing has been around for ages and is one option at Cosmetic Aesthetics. However, the Lip blush aka Lip tint service is the most popular technique offered today. This technique involves working at very shallow depths, so that the color comes out very natural and soft, and the healing time is far less than the full lip color treatment. A beautiful ombre of pixelated pigment is achieved with this technique, which makes it the most natural lip enhancement possible.

Whether you have uneven lips, loss of pigment, want to hide a scar, cleft lip, wrinkles that make makeup difficult to put on, have trouble putting lipstick or lip liner on due to other various reasons, or just want more definition and shape, permanent lips are the solution for you.

There are some precautions to consider before getting permanent lipstick. If you have frequent cold sores (more than one per year), this treatment can be risky even with the proper medication to avoid a breakout. If you get one cold sore a year or fewer, you should be fine so long as you get a prescription from your doctor for Valtrex or Acyclovir and start taking it four days prior to procedure.

Permanent lip color does not always work well on people with ethnic skin. The melanocytes (darker pigmentation) in the lips do not always allow for the tattooed pigment to show up properly when healed under this darker skin tones. Darker skin types tend to hyper-pigment easily, which means they may not be good candidates for permanent makeup. **Consultations are necessary to determine if your lips can be done or not. Consults via text or email with photos are fine.