Most of our patients just want to save time in their morning routine and enhance their natural beauty. Permanent eyeliner can make eyes look bigger, and your lashes look fuller and darker at the roots. A very popular style is a subtle lash enhancement tattoo.  Clients can choose top eyeliner, bottom eyeliner, or both! Say goodbye to running eye makeup at the beach, in the pool, or when sweating while at the gym.

This service is great for anyone, and can especially help people who have trouble putting on their eyeliner due to various reasons.

**Clients who wear contacts should remove them before this procedure

**Fake eyelashes must be removed before this procedure as bacteria from the lashes can cause an infection. 

**The use of lash growth serum must be stopped 30 days prior to appointment, as it causes major swelling and bleeding which disrupts the retention of pigment as well as makes the procedure difficult for technician.