Brow Tattoo Training

Certification and Ongoing Support for Life

We take pride in teaching MORE than just microblading. We can’t stress enough the importance of how to do a powder brow, when a client is not a candidate for hairstrokes! We also take pride in not limiting you to one technique, machine or tool. We teach you with multiple methods, hand tools & different machines/needles. This class is five days long with hands-on training with live models.

There will be a live webinar presentation one week prior to the four days in person hands-on. You will be assigned homework to be finished by the start of class. We will go over the history of cosmetic tattooing, medical contraindications, consultation and client intake forms, techniques/needles as well as removal of any “mistakes”, removal of previous work of someone else’s and more! You will receive tons of resources and references for you to continue your education to be the best artist and entrepreneur you can be.

Once our student, always our student. You can contact us anytime after taking the class and we will assist you with whatever you need.

The cost of this hybrid brow tattoo training is $3,500 and comes with a kit to get you started, a needle theory webinar which you must complete before the start of the hands-on part of the training, certification and ongoing support for life. A machine is not included in the kit, because we allow you to try out all of our different machines so you can make the choice yourself, which machine to buy!

We will help you understand the differences between all of them. Your kit includes tools/needles, pigments and other goodies for all kinds of brow tattooing. Classes take place monthly in Phoenix. We offer payment plans. $500 deposit to save your seat!