Acne Scars, Facelift Scars, Burn Victim Scars

Although permanent cosmetics is an excellent choice to enhance your natural beauty, in some cases medical micropigmentation techniques may be used to cover up a scar or imperfection. Scar camouflage comes in many forms with cosmetic and paramedical tattooing. This may include hair transplant scar camouflage using scalp micropigmentation, the art of hiding scars or imperfections left by hair transplant surgery.

Another popular form of scar camouflage involves adding tiny stroke hair like tattoos over scars caused by several types of surgery where scars were left in places where hair used to grow. The most common is facelift scars. Facelift scars are usually hidden in or around the hairline or ears and can be covered up further with the use of scalp micropigmentation tattoos.

Sometimes an artist can go directly into the scar and camouflage it right away but a consult is always needed prior to first procedure because scar tissue may be hypertrophic or “hard” to the touch if you will, and will spit out the pigment, resulting in a waste of both the technician and client’s time and money, thus resulting in more procedures. The answer to this is Scar Revision.

We have several methods of scar revision on our menu. We offer two fabulous anti aging/scar revision services. By stimulating our body’s natural healing response, we produce new collagen and elastin cell growth while shedding the damaged skin on the surface, creating new, healthy younger appearing skin in replace. Our Ematrix Sublative Skin Repair treatment will bring the scar back to regular tissue as much as possible, which will then allow the pigment to retain in the scar. Microneedling the scar with stem cell growth factor products is another option, which has less down time than the Ematrix.