Cosmetic Aesthetics started out 6 years ago in the SMP and PMU  industry. We opened our first location in Miami Beach. We then evolved into  running the first two locations for one of the now  largest SMP companies in the world. After some time we realized that we needed to seek out a medical and scientific explanation to the procedures that we were doing. We did tons of research, including traveling worldwide for classes in advanced treatments and color theory. Our team has trained with the top technicians in the world in their respective procedures.   Due to this collective of unique and valuable information we developed the courses in for our Academy.  We are excited to share our experience and expertise with the soon to be top practitioners in the world.

We have partnered with some of the strongest brands in the world to bring our students the best products the world has to offer- including Microbeau, LI Pigments, Membrane Aftercare, Pro-touch needles and more.

We want our students to become the BEST artist and business operator they can be. Cosmetic Aesthetics training offers continued support after you graduate. You have full access to your trainer to answer any questions you may have! Our students are constantly sending me pictures asking just some guidance on pigment choices, to critique work, help with quoting prices we are here for anything to help our students become successful professionals

Our mission at Cosmetic Aesthetics Training is to provide the highest quality and most well rounded training in the world. We figure that if more technicians have the perfect skills to change more lives on a daily basis- and walking around with PROPER work-  our industry will grow exponentially.

The PMU and SMP industry is still very much at its infancy but growing very rapidly. It is very exciting. Roughly 45% of men experience male pattern baldness.- and EVERY person has eyelids and eyebrows! We went to erase the myths and secrets about these procedures and bring it back to the science. There are many ways to execute PMU and SMP technique – HOWEVER; there is only ONE science

Currently we offer these courses:

  • Scalp Pigmentation for Beginners
  • Advanced Scalp Pigmentation
  • Color Theory for Scalp Pigmentation
  • Eyebrows Galore – Manual and Machine Eyebrows
  • Manual to Machine – A guide to transitioning from Microblading to Machine Use


This course is a comprehensive hybrid training of scalp pigmentation.  We will address both sides of the industry- Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation and the benefits and applications for both. There will be a strong medical science foundation to our process and technique. We are the only training in the WORLD that offers this unique hybrid training.

Learn to treat ALL scenarios ie. Scars, long and short hair for all skin types. Course includes training for both male and female applications. Learn to draw the perfect hairline. We have a demonstration table of several different machines and needles and ensure that you understand the fundamentals of each, when to use which machine/needle and why. Become familiar with basic color theory and the difference between organic, inorganic, iron oxide, carbon and tricopigmentation inks/pigments.

We will not limit you to any one needle, pigment, or brand, we believe it is important to know many methods and sciences behind theory and techniques. Bring your tools! Again our training will get you familiar and comfortable with many devices- from traditional tattoo machines to digital devices. When you KNOW the HOW and WHY your technique works your work will speak for itself.