What we do?

We offer the best procedures using the most state of the art techniques and technology. Our technicians are very highly trained.

How we do it?

Concierge Aesthetics has unrivalled customer service. We offer one-on-one patient care, you will always see the same technician.

Love the Skin You’re In
At Cosmetic Aesthetics, Our Goal is for you to “love the skin your in”.

Our team is dedicated to providing you top quality care in the field of cosmetic aesthetics.

Considering permanent make-up is a big decision. Sit down with a Cosmetic Aesthetics permanent make-up artist for a complimentary consultation and he or she will answer all your questions regarding pigments, after-care, and address any and all concerns you might have about the procedure. People choose permanent make-up for a variety of reasons. Do you have trouble applying traditional make-up do to un-steady hands or arthritis in the wrist? Permanent make-up is also a great choice for someone with poor eyesight who may have trouble applying make-up properly or evenly. One of the best reasons to choose permanent make-up is to save time and wake up each morning looking and feeling your very best. Our most popular permanent makeup options include: permanent eyeliner, permanent eyelash enhancement, permanent eyebrow tattooing, lip tattooing, and permanent lip-liner. As always, our needles are pre packaged, sterilized, and then disposed of after each treatment.

Permanent Makeup Post-Treatment:

  • Clients must agree not to wear contact lenses if having eyeliner or lash enhancement performed, for at least 4 days.
  • Clients must agree to stay away from UV exposure for at least 10 days.
  • Once fully healed, sunscreen is always recommended on any areas that have been tattooed. UV exposure can cause fading in color. Alpha-hydroxy products and Retin-A must be kept away from treated areas.
  • Treated areas may scab up and be itchy for a search time. It is crucial that you do not itch or pick the scabs! This will cause the ink to come out and may even cause scarring.
  • Keep the area clean and covered with whatever healing agent your technician provides you.
  • Treated areas may scab up and be itchy for up to 7 days post procedure. It is crucial that you do not itch or pick the scabs! This will cause the ink to come out and may even cause scarring.

Expected Results:
Color can fade up to two shades lighter over time. Some parts of your permanent make-up may scab off if you opt for hair stroke tattoos or hair follicle tattoos and touch-up may be required. This is to be expected and Cosmetic Aesthetics always includes one touch-up completely FREE of charge.

Anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their makeup on a daily basis should seriously consider having permanent makeup applied. The freedom from the life long hassle of applying makeup is indescribable. Those people who are good candidates for permanent makeup should spend time with their technician to determine if they are compatible with the person doing the work. Interview your artist as much as he or she will interview you. This is a permanent change to your appearance and should be carefully considered. When done properly and on the right candidate, permanent makeup is wonderful because it gives women freedom from constantly having to apply topical makeup. Most people are thrilled with their results! We service Berkeley, San Francisco, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Call for your appointment today.

Popular Permanent Make-up Options: