Monat is an all natural hair care company that specializes in re-growing and maintaining amazing healthy hair. These systems work amazing for any male or female experiencing general hair loss or even alopecia. The patented and clinically proven Rejuvenique formula which is infused in all of their products ensure a healthy scalp that provides healthy and consistent growth, strengthens existing hairs and helps hair grow back as well.

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Membrane Micropigmentation products have been developed for the new generation of artists that are passionate about their procedures and demand the best possible healing and recovery for their clients. All products are all natural, vegan and cruelty free. Every product has been uniquely formulated  for the specific needs related to all stages of micropigmentation- medical tattoos, scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup.

MicroBalm is a post care salve used for micropigmentation. It greatly improves the outcome of permanent makeup procedures. Microbalm’s 100% natural formula supports the delicate healing process as well as maintaining the skin’s existing nutrients while utilizing the healing properties of specially selected herbs and oils. These elements are perfect for wound care and provide a stable, clean and breathable barrier.  The vibrant green color reflects the freshness of the ingredients especially the energy packed chlorophyll.

Microbalm has been infused with fresh, organic and natural ingredients. These aid in calming inflammation and soothes the skin. Microbalm provides antioxidants, antibacterial properties, hydration and moisturizes the skin while it heals. This highly effective product for healing tissue reduces risk of infection, makes sure your work heals great and also has an amazing scent.

Directions: Apply a thin layer of of Microbalm to the tattooed area 6 hours post procedure. This 6 hour window allows the wound time to close with no interference of any foreign molecules or hindering the body’s natural process of repair- allowing the tissue to breathe, close and then lock in the pigment.

Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa, Cera Alba, Calendula Officinalis Flower extract. Lavandula ANgustifolia (Lavender), Plantago Lanceolata (Plantain), Tocopheryl Acetate, Propolis, Arnica Montana Extract, Daucys Carotasativa (Carrot), Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract.



Microtonic is a natural toner that cleans and soothes traumatized tissue and works for all skin types. The anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties aid in recovery and repair during the healing process. Keeping the skin clean and hydrated both during and post procedure also helps minimize any discomfort. It combines the unique properties of honey, chamomile, plantain, comfrey, oats, and other select ingredients into an extremely effective tool for wound healing. MicroTonic can be used anywhere on the body or face to remove residue (such as blood or pigment) from freshly tattooed skin, by simply applying a small amount to gauze or a cotton pad and wiping as needed.  It’s to be used in replace of water, wipes and green soap. MicroTonic’s ingredients help to close the pores and lock in the pigment, which leads to an even better final result.

DIRECTIONS:  MicroTonic is formulated to be used during and after Micropigmentation procedures to aid in soothing and cooling the tissues, while keeping the area clean.  During procedures saturate 2″ or 4” gauze, wipe gently and use as needed.  At the end of the procedure apply fresh lightly saturated gauze and use as a compress for 1-2 minutes on area, you will notice significantly less swelling and lymph production.

Applying two times daily during the first 72 hours post-procedure assists in healing by ensuring a clean environment. We recommend using it chilled, for additional comfort! Depending on the area, you might wish to follow with one of our post-care balms, to provide more specialized support of the tissue as it heals.