What is Permanent Lipline?

At Cosmetic Aesthetics we see many clients asking for permanent lipline makeup. Whether you have uneven lips, have loss of pigment, want to hide a scar, have a cleft lip, want to hide wrinkles, or just want more definition and shape, permanent lipstick may be for you. As we age our lips can look wrinkled and lose color, permanent lipstick can bring back plump colorful lips you’ll love. Many of our clients have trouble applying lip-liner or lipstick due to arthritis or eye site problems. The artists at Cosmetic Aesthetics are skilled in the art of lip shape enhancement, full color enhancement, lip liner, and lip liner with shading and/or blending.

There are some precautions to consider before getting permanent lipstick. If you have frequent cold sores (more than one per year), you should not get permanent lipstick. If you get one cold sore a year or fewer consider getting a prescription from your doctor for Valtrex or acyclovir and start taking 4 days prior to procedure. Permanent lip color does NOT always work well on people with ethnic skin. The melanocytes (darker pigmentation) in the lips do not allow for the tattooed pigment to show up properly when healed under this darker skin tones. Also, women who tend to easily hyper-pigment may NOT be good candidates for permanent makeup. Someone who spends a lot of time in the sun or in tanning booths is NOT a good candidate for permanent makeup since the UVA rays will alter and change the pigment tones. A person who is undergoing a major life trauma should NOT get permanent makeup. It is not wise to alter one’s physical appearance, while undergoing ANY major stress in life. A person on certain prescription medications or with an existing medical condition may NOT be able to get permanent makeup. Always consult with your doctor before considering any permanent procedure.

**A consultation is always needed before scheduling lip procedure date to make sure the client is a good candidate for it.