What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Cosmetic Aesthetics permanent eyeliner is a permanent makeup service available at our clinic in Phoenix.

Most of our patients just want to save time in their morning routine and enhance their natural beauty. Permanent eyeliner can make eyes look bigger and even enhance the natural color beauty, and shape of your eyes. Clients can choose top eyeliner, bottom eyeliner, or both! Your permanent eye makeup won’t run at the beach, in the pool, or when sweating while at the gym or working out.

No one is too old for permanent eyeliner. Women in their eighties can be good candidates if the skin is in good condition.

**Clients with contacts should remove contacts and keep them out for 4 days following the procedure.

permanent eyeliner cosmetic aesthetics
Beforepermanent eyeliner cosmetic aesthetics
Afterpermanent eyeliner cosmetic aesthetics
permanent eyeliner cosmetic aesthetics