I have always been intrigued by art of many forms since a young age, as I grew older I always knew I would want a career in the form of art and aesthetics. Growing up with my mother in the beauty industry since I was a child, I have been surrounded by so many different forms of art. Naturally I became a cosmetic tattoo artist when my love for art and the beauty of aesthetics crossed paths in the industry of permanent makeup. I have been trained by some of the most highly respected artists’ and have traveled to other countries to learn more about the advancements of permanent makeup. Some trainers I have learned from include, but are not limited to; Taryn Quinterri, Steven Greitzer, Erin Golightly, and Kim Morgan. These trainers have learned from the top artists’ in the world like Toni Belfatto, Mary Richardson, Daria Chuprys, Ennio Orsini, Will Anthony, and Claire Hobson. Working with these advanced artists and trainers have given me the knowledge, tools, and technique to become the evolving artist I am today. I started out as an artist out in the Chicago land area with three different locations and as I have expanded my business between continuing education and performing procedures, I’m proud to have amazing clients in multiple states as I travel from my offices in Illinois and in Arizona every month. I have formed many great relationships, working with so many amazing people, which is why I choose to go beyond and maintain such strong relationships with everyone I have met through my journey. I’m so excited to see what’s next for myself and Cosmetic Aesthetics!